Autumn landscape oil on canvas painting by Maxim Kuznetsov
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Lockdown illustrating painting by Maxim Kuznetsov
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Abstract oil on canvas painting by Maxim Kuznetsov
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At the moment I am a little over 30 years old and during this short time I have collected quite a lot. Sometimes I change in the style of drawing, sometimes consciously, and sometimes not. All this is up to the viewer, our main critic!
Member of the International Association of Fine Arts – AIAP UNESCO.
Member of the international association of art
Association international des arts plastiques – IAA AIAP UNESCO
Received a serious academic education 2000-2019 – art school, college, and academy.
I have never been abroad to Russia, I studied a lot …
For my creative work, I have done 7 personal exhibitions, became a laureate of a large number of competitions-exhibitions, among them: Art Portrait Club. World Fund of Arts in Moscow and other cities of Russia.
I served in the army and painted on military and historical themes, huge canvases.
Also, I made fresco paintings for the huge temples in a realistic manner.
In my art, I am mainly analyzing the human, his inner world, and reflection on the reality around him. And if I paint a landscape, I must first let it pass through myself. And despite the modern trends in painting, I try to preserve the traditions of world realistic painting

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    • Art Portrait Club. World Fund of Arts in Moscow and other cities of Russia, 2021.
    • 2012 Sergey Lutsenko 's solo exhibition "Tribute to nature", Wunjo-Art Gallery. Ukraine, Kyiv
    • Ekaterinburg. Youth Exhibition
    • Ekaterinburg. Exhibition dedicated to the 175th anniversary of I. E. Repin at the Museum of Literature of the 19th century
    • Ekaterinburg. Regional exhibition " Traditional Autumn Painting Exhibition »
    • Ekaterinburg. City exhibition "E-Day" in the Residence Gallery
    • Kamensk-Uralsky. Participant of the city exhibition
    • Ekaterinburg. Personal exhibition at the residence of the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region.
    • Chelyabinsk. Interregional exhibition " Big Ural»
    • Ekaterinburg. Personal exhibition District House of Officers of the Central Military District dedicated to May 9 and the 167th anniversary of the Soviet Troops.
    • Ekaterinburg. Exhibition project dedicated to the annexation of Crimea in 2017.
    • Ekaterinburg. Exhibition in honor of the award of the scholarship of the Ministry of Culture for contribution to the arts.
    • Yekaterinburg, the XII Open All-Russian Festival of Artistic Creativity "Archiperspektiva"
    • Ekaterinburg. Personal exhibition at the Ural State University of Architecture and Art
    • Crimea. Participant of the Forum "Tavrida"
    • Moscow. International competition-exhibition "ART PORTRAIT".
    • Cheboksary. International competition-exhibition "Volga Art Week"
    • Arkhangelsk. Participant of the All-Russian exhibition " Faces of Russia»
    • Pervouralsk. Regional exhibition based on the results of the forum "Tavrida»
    • Ekaterinburg. XI Open All-Russian Festival of Artistic Creativity "Archiperspektiva"
    • Yekaterinburg, Regional exhibitions of the SHR "Pobeda" dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45), "Youth Exhibition", "The Magic of Green", "Self-portrait", "Starting from the meter "
    • Magnitogorsk" Ural Art Week.
    • Ekaterinburg. X open All-Russian Festival of Artistic creativity "Archiperspektiva"
    • International competition exhibition of painting "Vladimir Art Week".